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Boulder is consistently one of the healthiest and happiest  places in the U.S.


Boulder Colorado was founded in 1859 by explorers seeking the riches of gold. Boulder enjoys a colorful and interesting history. Boulderites embrace a Green Lifestyle and have a history in promoting a Healthy Community Lifestyle. Celestial Seasonings, White Wave, Wild Oats, and Horizon’s Organic Yogurt all started in Boulder. Real estate in Boulder, CO has always been desirable as the town has grown.

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Image by Toomas Tartes


Visitors can enjoy the benefits of a community created by residents that embrace a healthy, culturally-enriched lifestyle. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, seeking intellectual stimulation or want a relaxing getaway, owning real estate in Boulder, CO offers a variety of experiences. Catch a glimpse of some of Boulder’s furry and feathery residents while strolling, hiking, or biking through our 300 miles of trails and 45,000 acres of open space. People watch at an outdoor café or restaurant on the Pearl Street Mall or experience the beauty and tranquility of a one-of-a-kind Persian Teahouse. The outdoorsy and eclectic culture combined with the intellectual influence from the University of Colorado makes real estate in demand. You'll want to work with one of our real estate agents in Boulder, CO. They know how to work in this market and can give you the best advantages to make you successful.


Boulder is centrally located in the foothills of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, just 35 minutes northwest of Denver. The City of Boulder sits 5,430 feet above sea level. Boulder enjoys 300 plus days for sunshine a year and moderate weather. Last we checked, there were 102,500 residents in Boulder, including about 25,000 students who are enrolled at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Owning real estate in Boulder, CO puts you in a great position to enjoy the mountains and is only a quick drive from the sights and sounds of downtown Denver.

Image by Braden Collum
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